Branding for the 30th Raindance Film Festival

For the 5th time is an many years Bobo have been working with the Raindance team, creating the overall look for this years 30th film festival. From the 30th year logo and main festival poster, to the social media posts, internal cinema dressing, gala graphics, and party invites Bobo works across every aspect of the festivals branding and promotional material.

This year we chose to not have a distinct image to focus on within the poster – but to keep it a little more surreal and obscure, and let the sense of colour and light give a cinematic tone. The background has a dancer – caught on film mid movement in a blurred spin, and then rewatched on a cinema screen through an old bulb projecter  – together with leaking light sources and out of focus to give the sense of watching arthouse films 30 years ago.